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Krut: The Mythic Wings

Krut: The Mythic Wings is a 2d side-scrolling action platformer game. Based on a 2018 CG animated film "Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors", the game will be released on mobile and PC in 2020.


In a world full of mystical creatures and magic, a ruthless army of the Yuk ogre invaded the city of the Garuda. The Garuda army was defeated and the city was eventually fallen. Upon the destruction and despair, a badly wounded warrior found himself on a mysterious enchanted island called Himmaphan. He met a mysterious figure who gave him with a legendary artifact, the Mythic Wings. The new adventure begins.


Produced by RSU Horizon
Developed by Good Job Multimedia
Planned and Designed by Pixel Perfex


Game Trailer


Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)

Screenshot01 Screenshot02
Screenshot03 Screenshot04
Screenshot03 Screenshot04

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