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Venus Viper Voltra


It has been 30,000 years since a gigantic meteor struck Earth. The planet soon became uninhabitable and the human race fled to space. With advanced technologies, people successfully terraformed and colonized nearby planets in the solar system. However, there have been constant conflicts and anticipation of war.


After years of political turmoil, the tyrannous Venus Empire has started a war and invaded other planets in the solar system. Mars is also under threat. A large area of the Red Planet is already occupied by the Venus Empire army.


As the Commander of the Mars Defense Force, you must fight back to reclaim the territory lost. However, the Empress of Venus has sent her elite force, the Venus Viper, a group of the most fearsome and beautiful military commanders. The battle to reclaim the land has begun!


Inspired by the classic games of the 80’s, Venus Viper Voltra offers a new experience of a strategic action-arcade game with more advanced gameplays, challenging boss fights, and intriguing anime-style storylines.


Game Features

- The nostalgic 80's classic genre with more advance gameplays and intriguing storylines

- More than 25 levels with several boss fights

- Local co-op multiplayers

- Multiple game modes

- Customized difficulty settings for hardcore and casual players

- Fan-Service for hardcore fans of the genre


How to Play

- Play multiple challenging levels with different enemies, environments, and obstructions

- Keep an eye on enemy movements and attacking patterns

- Carve out sections to reclaim your territory

- Occupy a majority of the area within a given time to complete a level

- Collect items to gain a variety of special abilities

- Cut off enemies from their commanding unit to eliminate them

- Eliminate enemies and structures to gain extra time

- Occupy the largest percentage of the area possible for your best record

- Uncover the hidden bonus character artworks

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